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Wednesday, 20 January 2021

MMA Market

In this video i have shown a best shop to buy V belt points and Chain block which has been used to lift heavy weight things.

Aayeesha Treders 

MMA Market,

South Ukkdam,


Phone Number -

94887 22062

84284 77403

Chain Length Sizing Calculator is a free application designed to calculate the correct length that a bicycle chain should have.

You can save your configurations!!

The application is fully configurable for each type of bicycle, allows to choose type of derailleur, transmission types, bike length, etc. Besides, it allows to calculate in different units: centimeters, inches and millimeters.


Transmission type: Different derailleurs and fixed chain.

Chainstay type: adjustable or fixed.

Accept decimals for calculations.

Different metrics: inches, centimeters and millimeters.

Accept any front gear cog and rear cog.

Exception of bicycles with rear suspension.

It allows to store all your configurations.

Different languages: English, Spanish, Catalan.

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